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Lessons for a successful transition to a low carbon economy

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Agulhas engaged Little Blue Research on a project tackling the social issues of transitioning to a low carbon economy. Little Blue Research supported the client by providing inputs as part of the research team.

Little Blue Research are listed as an author in both a case study and the report 'Lessons for a successful transition to a low carbon economy' produced in collaboration with Agulhas.

Developing a demonstration application to use climate change scenarios in banking risk quantification

Little Blue Research, Ltd. and Jade-Eli Technologies collaborated to demonstrate how climate change scenario data could be used to take forward work to identify the natural capital dependencies faced in banking loan portfolios.

Dr Stephanie Hime presented the research methodology for the work as part of a presentation on 'Natural Capital and Current Innovations' to the Banking Club as part of the JET Quarterly Breakfast series. 

Dialogue on Natural Capital: Snapshot of government engagement 

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Little Blue Research supported the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership to provide a snapshot of the extent to which 30 countries currently fulfil criteria associated with an “enabling environment” for natural capital.

The results were presented at the 3rd World Forum on Natural Capital (November 2017).

Natural Capital Leaders Lab Training

Dr Stephanie Hime has been part of the faculty for the University of Cambridge's Natural Capital Leaders Lab for the past three years. The course incorporates natural capital resource concerns in corporate decision making, and provides an overview for sustainability leaders and managers.

The two day professional development course gives business' the opportunity to understand how to identify and assess natural capital risks and dependencies and helps them to create effective natural capital strategies.


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