Strategy and Risk - selected examples

Guide to assess Natural Capital Risk 

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Little Blue Research was engaged by PwC to help develop the world’s first step-by-step guide for financial institutions to conduct a rapid natural capital risk assessment. The guide was launched by the Natural Capital Finance Alliance in January 2019. Four banks in Colombia, South Africa and Peru piloted the risk assessment process, focusing on:

  • Risk prioritisation and

  • Sector and/or asset based analysis.

Understanding the potential for Natural Capital Assessment

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BT was interested in understanding whether several of its current business processes accounted for natural capital and any potential gaps.  Little Blue Research supported the client by identifying where gaps and opportunities existed for the inclusion of natural capital as part of these core processes.  Outputs included: 

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • A full gap analysis

  • A report setting out options for sharing good practice and opportunities for improvement.

Natural Capital Scoping Exercise

Little Blue Research supported a multinational oil and gas company by helping them to set-out how a natural capital approach could be used to evaluate the environmental impact of different sources of future energy provision.


The scoping exercise involved taking part in a workshop and sharing examples of where natural capital approaches had been used and implemented. The session helped the client consider how to take the approach forward within the company.

Peer review of an onshore wind farm impact study

Little Blue Research supported SSE plc. by conducting a critical friend review on the company's model that measured the economic impact of their onshore wind farms over ten years.  Little Blue Research supported the client by:

  • Re-performing calculations

  • Matching data back to sources, checking through model assumptions and documentation

  • Conducting sensitivity testing

  • Providing options for future development and improvement of the model.


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