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Strategy & risk

Little Blue Research works with companies to identify sustainability risks and opportunities and to articulate the business case for sustainability by: 

  • evaluating business processes and strategies and conducting stakeholder engagement 

  • prioritising areas for target setting and development 

  • undertaking risk and opportunity analyses 

  • quantifying values (social, environmental and financial) at risk from a sustainability perspective 

  • providing peer review and evaluating frameworks. 


A selection of our projects is shown below. 

Organic Potatoes

Scoping a framework for assessing climate risk for a UK Bank


Little Blue Research completed a rapid risk assessment of the potential effect of climate change on Triodos Bank UK’s loan portfolio. Work included piloting approaches to identifying and valuing risk to help meet new requirements from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and identifying data gaps.



Organic Potatoes

Scoping a social capital impact assessment


Little Blue Research supported a scoping assessment for a multinational consumer goods company. A framework was developed to identify, measure and value the performance on the client's social commitments and to understand the business benefit generated from these commitments.



Organic Potatoes

Bid review for an offshore wind farm in the North Sea


Little Blue Research reviewed and provided technical insight to a bid for an offshore wind farm development permit in the Dutch North Sea, with a focus on environmental impacts.



Further strategy case studies

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