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Impacts & dependencies

Little Blue Research works with companies to identify, measure and value impacts & dependencies of programmes,  interventions and investments on nature and people, by: 

  • developing impact measurement frameworks to value sustainability initiatives and performance 

  • scoping projects, assessing data needs and providing gap analyses 

  • prioritising and valuing impacts/dependencies both positive and negative

  • piloting new approaches, e.g., SBTN, TNFD frameworks, among others 

  • providing peer review and evaluating frameworks that monitor social and environmental impacts. 


A selection of our projects is shown below. 

Organic Potatoes

A balance sheet approach to natural capital accounting

Organic Potatoes

Impact framework development for Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII)

Organic Potatoes

Impact measurement for the North American events industry

Organic Potatoes

Natural capital valuation of a botanic garden

Organic Potatoes

Natural capital scoping assessment

Organic Potatoes

Social value impact assessment of tackling fuel poverty

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