Impact Measurement - selected examples

Designing an impact measurement framework for a food & beverage company

Little Blue Research, have joined a team with two other consulting firms specialising in strategy and environmental measurement to work on a sustainability strategy for a large multinational food and beverage company. Little Blue Research are helping to inform the design of the measurement framework and indicator selection through workshops identifying stakeholders, relevant business activities and conducting an impact mapping processes across the company's value chain. The purpose of this is to inform further indicator design and priorities for measurement.  

The economic, social and environmental impact of an event

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Featured in the social and human capital protocol

Informa plc. wanted to understand the economic, social and environmental impact of an event to a host city destination. Informa plc. engaged Little Blue Research to build a framework to measure the social, economic and environmental impact for a range of different events in the company's portfolio. The project looks at how current event data can be used to show the positive and negative impacts of events held in different cities around the world.

Supporting the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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BT wanted to understand their current support, gaps and opportunities for further supporting the delivery of the SDGs across a number of the company's different products and services.


Little Blue Research supported BT by undertaking a review of a portfolio of commercial products and services to show where these supported the delivery of the SDGs. The team also developed a subset of detailed product/service case studies.

The social value of tackling fuel poverty

A collaborative project between a FTSE100 Utility company and a charity partner who wanted to understand the social value of tackling fuel poverty.


Little Blue Research developed a framework for determining the social value of actions to address fuel poverty. Specifically, to determine the social value to key stakeholders of changes in health, income, life satisfaction, and environmental values.

Developing a proof of concept for determining the social value of a priority service system

The client wanted to estimate the social value of the services it provides to customers currently identified for a priority service (relating to utilities supply).

Little Blue Research supported the client by: conducting a data gap analysis; designing and conducting research; suggesting updates for data collection; drafting impact maps for each relevant activity; mapping the impact of service disruptions and outlining options for undertaking a future social return on investment valuation.


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