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Development of environmental indicators to support post-hazard reporting in UK overseas territories


Little Blue Research supported an engineering consultancy to identify post-hazard impact indicators relevant to hurricanes in the Caribbean, and developed a framework to support the integration of indicators into government processes.

Client description


Engineering consultancy and government advisory body

Two British Overseas Territories (OTs)







Client need

A government advisory body required support to develop post-hazard indicators to assess the impact of hurricanes on the built and natural environment in two British OTs. The purpose of the indicators was to feed into two frameworks to allow each country’s government to help monitor changes over-time to the natural environment and support post-hazard reporting and disaster resilience. Little Blue Research undertook a framework review to identify relevant indicators in existing post-hazard impact frameworks and to highlight gaps. Little Blue Research also supported the development and review of a framework outlining short and long-term indicators and the protocols for their use.

The challenge

Identifying relevant post-hazard impact indicator frameworks for hurricanes in the Caribbean.

Grouping and categorising indicators based on topic, focus (built/natural environment) and impact being measured.

The results

Indicators grouped based on findings of the framework review.

Built and natural environment impact typologies specific to each country.

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