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Scoping an impact framework for a sustainable finance advisory business


Little Blue Research worked with the Green Finance Institute (GFI) to develop and pilot an impact framework focusing on the GFI’s Transport Programme. GFI convenes and leads sectoral coalitions of global experts to address barriers to green investment.

Client description


Green Finance Institute (GFI)

60+ members of the Coalition for the Decarbonisation of Road Transport







Client need

The Green Finance Institute (GFI) required technical support to identify the potential impacts associated with their leadership of the Coalition for the Decarbonisation of Road Transport (CDRT). The CDRT is a coalition of experts from across finance, industry and public sector which seeks to support the mobilisation of capital to decarbonise road transport, initially in the United Kingdom. The outputs of the work were to feed into the development of an impact measurement approach across the GFI. The project included a high-level review of the principal activities carried out within the CDRT as well as stakeholder and activity mapping to support classification of the potential indirect and direct impacts of the GFI’s activities.

The challenge

Reviewing internal and external documentation to identify activities, outputs, and outcomes of the CDRT since its launch.

Conducting stakeholder mapping that captured current stakeholders and prioritised target stakeholder groups within the downstream value chain.

The results

A collaborative workshop to identify the main activities within the programme to direct the structure of impact mapping.

High-level mapping of the most important stakeholders for the client across internal and external groups (see example below).

Impact maps to relate a selection of activities, outputs, outcomes, and potential attributable impacts to the GFI.

A series of next steps to assist the development of a full impact measurement framework.


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