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Supply chain biodiversity assessment - TNFD pilot


Little Blue Research, with the support of globalbalance, helped Stora Enso undertake a biodiversity screening and prioritisation assessment aligning with the beta version of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) Framework. This project was undertaken to develop a high-level understanding of nature related risks and opportunities across the Biomaterials Division.

Client description


Stora Enso




20,000+ employees



Client need

Stora Enso required technical support to develop a high-level understanding of its impacts and dependencies on biodiversity (and nature-related risks and opportunities) associated with its Biomaterials Division pulp mill operations and supply chain. The assessment included consideration of the rapidly evolving landscape of biodiversity disclosure, target-setting and measurement. A high-level review of priority nature-related risks was undertaken, and the initial stages of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) LEAP Approach were piloted.

The challenge

Providing a broad understanding of emerging integrated nature-related risks and opportunities and how these relate to Stora Enso.

Integrating six global datasets across 23 countries to establish high level risks and opportunities.

The results

High-level outputs from piloting the initial stages of the LEAP approach, and overview of priority naturerelated risks and opportunities of the Biomaterials Division.

Recommended next steps to further implement the LEAP approach, in preparation for the proposed disclosures of the TNFD framework and to further mitigate and/or realise nature-based risks and opportunities.

A qualitative assessment model for use by other Stora Enso divisions to start considering biodiversity and nature-related impacts and dependencies across the value chain.

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