Little Blue Research, Ltd.

helps companies to understand their social and environmental impacts

We are Little Blue Research

Little Blue Research was formed by Dr. Stephanie Hime in response to client demand for high quality research support. Little Blue Research is an independent consultancy that specialises in the provision of technical support for environmental economics and social impact valuation. We have an excellent network of experts to help meet client demand for specific skills. Being structured in this way allows us to support clients with bespoke specialist teams to deliver complex interdisciplinary projects. Little Blue Research works with clients in three stages: scoping, support and outputs.

  • Supporting clients as they develop their project needs.

  • Scoping assessments, pilot approaches and proof of concept.

  • Providing the right level of support.

  • Customising approaches to support project goals.

  • Producing meaningful outputs to support decision-making.

  • Helping to develop user friendly models and reports.


Our Services

Impact Measurement

Helping clients measure and value impacts of programmes, interventions, investments and undertaking option analyses.

We help clients by:

  • developing impact measurement frameworks 

  • focusing on social and natural capital

  • project scoping, assessing data needs and providing gap analyses

  • prioritising and valuing impacts, both positive and negative

  • conducting stakeholder engagement.

Strategy and Risk

Helping clients to identify sustainability risks and to articulate the business case for sustainability.

We help clients by:

  • evaluating business processes  and strategy 

  • designing and delivering qualitative and quantitative research​

  • valuing sustainability initiatives and developing sustainability strategies

  • undertaking risk and opportunity analyses, quantifying the value at risk

  • providing peer review and  contributing to advisory boards and technical working groups.

Research and Training

Helping clients with the development of research, thought leadership and training on natural and social capital.

We help clients by:

  • providing client training and presenting various ‘how to’ workshops 

  • reviewing frameworks for the monitoring of social and environmental impacts

  • research focusing on the use of economic valuation 

  • researching specific topics relating to natural and social capital

  • developing process frameworks, methodologies and standards.


Latest updates

Jun. 2021

BS 8632 - Natural Capital Accounting for Organizations

LBR is happy to have contributed to the development of the BSI standard on Natural Capital Accounting for Organizations. The standard launched on the 11th of June and LBR are happy to be supporting companies with its implementation.


What People say

Presentation on Sustainability Reporting and Disclosures at the Moore Global Technical Conference

"A truly awesome presentation showing (that Stephanie and Little Blue Research) are leaders in their field."

—  Paul Callaghan, Partner, Moore Stephens LLC.