Scoping Exercise for a Finance-Based Think-Tank

LBR helped a finance-based think-tank update their strategy in terms of natural capital by undertaking a full stakeholder mapping exercise and identifying and supporting the scoping of different work streams.


• Name: Finance based think tank
• Size: Number of members 86
• Location: Brussels and EU

Client need

A finance-based think-tank wanted support in updating their strategy in terms of natural capital. To do this, they wanted to carry out a scoping exercise.

The challenge

Developing and executing out a workshop

Carrying out stakeholder mappings

Carrying out a materiality analysis

Providing recommendations on ways in which the think-tank could update their strategy in terms of natural capital.

The results

The design and creation of a workshop and presentation

Stakeholder mappings and analysis

Identifying mission gaps and reviews

A report outlining longer-term goals to guide future action.

What happened next

The work led to the development of a further project on natural capital infrastructure.