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Research into Carbon offseting


Little Blue Research conducted research into carbon offsetting and the voluntary carbon market for a ‘Big four’ consultancy reviewing current offsetting standards, prices and market size.

Client description

‘Big four’ consultancy

15,000+ employees







Client need

The client requested technical support to research carbon offsetting and its potential use as part of a wide range of options to meet their current carbon targets. This was to provide the client with an understanding of the relevance of available carbon offsetting options to help meet and/or extend their carbon related targets.
To place these options into context, the research included insights into historic, current and future trends, and the risks and opportunities associated with different aspects of carbon offsets and carbon offsetting.

The challenge

The results

Establishing the criteria for a carbon offsetting standard risk ranking system.

Understanding the constantly developing and growing voluntary carbon market.

Detailed benchmarking review of 10 companies spanning several sectors and locations and a review of 16 current carbon offsetting projects.

Summary of expert interviews on the risks, opportunities and future of carbon offsetting and the voluntary carbon market.


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