Peer Review of a Valuation on Onshore Wind Farms

LBR supported SSE plc. by reviewing their impact model and documentation. The team re-performed calculations, checked assumptions and provided suggestions for developing the model.


• Name: SSE plc.
• Size: Number of employees > 20,500
• Location: UK

Client need

SSE plc. wanted technical support to review an economic model to measure the impact of their windfarms over the last 10 years as part of a sustainable impact report. SSE wanted support in reviewing their economic methodology.

The challenge

Reviewing a complex economic framework and

Identifying areas in need of additional documentation or method development in a limited time frame.

The results

A report articulating how the current model documentation captured calculations and assumptions

A summary difference spreadsheet setting out disparities between the model and calculations re-performed

Suggestions for additional caveats to outputs from the model

Providing a summary of suggestions for the short and long-term improvement and development of the model.

What happened next

SSE have selected several suggestions to take forward to help develop and improve their model. The outputs of the model were used in SSE’s report ‘Calculating the economic contribution of 10 years of onshore wind at SSE – 2008 to 2018’ showing the value of their windfarm operations to the UK and Ireland.