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Developing software to quantify climate change risk


Little Blue Research supported the development of a demonstration software application using climate change scenario data to identify natural capital dependencies faced by banks in their loan portfolios.

Client description

Jade-Eli Technologies








Client need

Jade-Eli Technologies (JET) required support to produce a demonstration software application to identify natural capital dependencies faced by banks. JET wanted the application to show a range of environmental variables associated with climate change accessed through APIs and configured to allow for risk quantification within a dedicated technological solution for computers and mobile phones. The Italian wine industry was used as an example.

The challenge

The results

Setting out a detailed dependency pathway for the Italian wine industry linking drivers of change (climate) to relevant natural capital assets and resulting impact on the finances of businesses within the sector.

Reviewing relevant climate data to be accessed by the application.

Research methodology for the design of dependency pathways based on the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA) Banking framework for integrating natural capital risk into decision making for banks.

Research methodology presentation at the JET quarterly breakfast at the Banking Club in Frankfurt.


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