LBR’s Dr. Stephanie Hime co-authored a working paper which explores the challenges of identifying environmental metrics that are relevant for businesses’ decision-making processes, whilst being simple and practical for investors to use.


• Name: CISL
• Size: Number of sustainability alumni 7,000
• Location: UK

Client need

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership wanted technical support on understanding the challenges with identifying environmental metrics’ for corporate use.

The challenge

Identifying gaps in data and providing suggestions on where to use proxy data

Providing actionable steps for businesses to improve their impact measurement

Ensuring the document was written for the target audience of investors and businesses.

The results

A final report that included results of:
• A survey completed by sustainability professionals
• A data gap analysis
• Metrics requirements and recommendations.

What happened next

This working paper was one in a series of 4 supported by Little Blue Research, Ltd. from 2016-2018 for CISL.

Working paper on How Businesses Measure their Impact on Nature