LBR’s Dr. Stephanie Hime was the lead author for a report on government engagement with natural capital approaches. This report examined how countries provide an “enabling environment” to ensure the consideration of natural capital as part of decision-making.


• Name: CISL
• Size: Number of sustainability alumni 7,000
• Location: UK

Client need

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the Natural Capital Leaders Platform wanted technical and research support to determine the progress of current work on the inclusion of natural capital within government across 30 different countries. The aim of this work was to support the Government Dialogue on Enabling Natural Capital Approaches.

The challenge

Identifying gaps in data and providing suggestions on how to address these

Carrying out research across a large geographic range

Developing a way to measure the creation of an “enabling environment” for natural capital.

The results

A report, which was presented at the 3rd World Forum on Natural Capital (Nov, 2017): ‘Snapshot of Government Engagement with Natural Capital Approaches’.

What happened next

The report was one of the foundations for the continued work of the ‘enabling environment’ workstream of the Capitals Coalition, formally the Natural Capital Coalition. This working paper was one in a series of 4 supported by Little Blue Research, Ltd. from 2016-2018 for CISL.

Government Engagement with Natural Capital Approaches