LBR worked with the Natural Capital Coalition and various technical experts to develop a Financial Sector Supplement to the natural capital protocol. The supplement was developed to help financial institutions consider the management of their natural capital impacts and dependencies for decision making.


• Name: Natural Capital Coalition
• Size: Number of organizations 370+
• Location: Global

Client need

The Natural Capital Coalition wanted technical support to produce a Financial Sector Supplement. The aim of this project was to harmonize existing natural capital work for the finance sector, including the VBDO guide, the NCFA financial sector roadmap and the work of the NCFA member-led working groups.

The challenge

Suggesting modifications needed for the supplement to accommodate the concerns and business processes of financial institutions

Identifying relevant parts of the Natural Capital Protocol that should be included as part of the supplement.

The results

The Financial Sector Supplement

What happened next

Published in 2018, the financial sector supplement has been piloted in 11 banks and financial businesses.
The supplement has also been translated into Chinese.

Financial Sector Supplement Natural Capital Coalition