Natural capital train the trainer with We Value Nature


Little Blue Research worked with We Value Nature to produce a train the trainer session on business scoping, measurement and valuation of natural capital assessments.

Client description


We Value Nature

60 session attendees






Client need

We Value Nature, an EU Horizon 2020 funded campaign supporting organisations to make valuing nature the new normal for business across Europe, required support to develop a training module on scoping and conducting a natural capital assessment. The target audience were businesses with a basic knowledge of natural capital.

The module aimed to:
o Help businesses develop their understanding of undertaking a natural capital assessment and
o Enable them to develop a list of practical next steps for action.

The challenge

Creating easily understandable but in-depth materials for trainers with little prior experience of providing training.

Setting out recommendations throughout the material to help trainers make the sessions interactive and engaging.

The results

An adaptable slide deck for a 3-hour training session on scoping a natural capital assessment, to support those delivering training by setting out where the training can be adapted according to:
o available time.

o sector focus and

o participant location.

Producing an accompanying implementation guide.

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