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BSI Launch Natural Capital Accounting for Organizations

Little Blue Research presented at the launch of standard BS 8632 from the BSI. The presentation included an introduction to the final standard and a panel Q&A session. Links to the webinar recording and the slides are provided below.

We Value Nature 10-Day Challenge conference

The We Value Nature 10-Day Challenge was an action-oriented 10-day event, that ran from 11-24 March 2021. The event offered practical sessions and small challenges to help participants take the next steps on their nature journey and contribute towards ensuring 2021 is the year where ambitions and commitments for nature are turned into actions.

This page contains an overview of the conference sessions that Little Blue Research and partners presented or spoke at. For more details on the conference please go to the We Value Nature website via the Logo.  


BS 8632 Natural Capital Accounting for organizations

18th March 2021 10:00-11:00 AM GMT

More than 120 attendees subscribed to this session including a range of organizations across the sectors of consulting, business and research and academia and many more.  Most of the audience had already conducted some work on natural capital.

The session covered an introduction to the draft BSI standard on Natural Capital Accounting for Organizations covering:

  • How the standard has been developed

  • Key features of natural capital accounting

  • How natural capital accounting can contribute to answer key questions relating to impacts and dependencies on nature

  • Examples of where organizations have used the approach 

  • Links to other market developments such as the Taskforce for Nature Based Financial Disclosures (TNFD), UN System of Environmental Economic Accounting – Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EA), biodiversity-based work, such as net gain and broader accountancy frameworks.

Presenters and support team:

Dr. Stephanie Hime - Little Blue Research

Ece Ozdemiroglu - eftec

Sabina Gordon - Little Blue Research

Changing the conversation: perspectives from young professionals

24th March 2021 4:00-5:00 PM GMT

This session brought together a panel of outstanding young sustainability professionals, who provided their vision on what they believe the role for business is in creating a sustainable, socially-just, nature-positive economy.

Reflecting on the conversations throughout the 10-Day Challenge, the Panel  highlighted promising approaches to stimulating business action for nature, inspiring cases of business action for nature, and notable participant interactions.


This was the final WVN session and a link to the recording is available at the bottom of the We Value Nature Previous Sessions Page.


Session moderator: Isabel Hoffman

Panellists included Ryan Twyford from Little Blue Research

The principles of integrated capitals assessment and links to natural capital

24th March 2021 10:00-11:00 AM GMT

In this session the lead authors of the Capitals Coalition thought leadership on integrated capitals assessment introduced the five core principles of integrated capitals assessments.

  1. Consider all forms of capital and include all relevant capitals

  2. Take into account the surrounding system and its inter-connections

  3. Apply an appropriate level of attribution based on your degree of influence

  4. Present values at an appropriately granular level for the decision being made

  5. Specify and address key differences in impacts and dependencies amongst all stakeholders.



Session outputs include the results of live polling and Q&A session.

Presenters and support team:
Dr. Stephanie Hime - Little Blue Research

James Spurgeon - SustainValue

Phil Clarke - Consciam

Tim Polaszek - Capitals Coalition

Ryan Twyford - Little Blue Research

A summary of the event by Ryan Twyford

28th April 2021

The We Value Nature 10-day challenge delivered 45 sessions with a focus on understanding the impacts and dependencies of businesses on nature, as well as the actions that businesses can take to create a nature-positive economy.

Covering exciting new developments in the sector, including tools and resources such as The Dasgupta Review, the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool, and the IUCN guidance on monitoring corporate biodiversity, the sessions were designed to support businesses in their natural capital journey, no matter how far along they are.

A number of companies also held sessions, showcasing the processes and steps undertaken to reduce their negative impacts on nature and promote biodiversity.   

Little Blue Research would like to thank all of their session partners for taking part in the event.

We Value Nature: Session partners

The Ecosystem Services Knowledge Network (ESKN): Natural Capital Investment conference (2019)

The Natural Capital Investment conference (2019) sought to address the challenge laid down by the Green Finance Task Force in March 2018 in relation to how to increase private sector investment into protecting and enhancing natural capital to improvement resilience. Please see the conference summary page below. 

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