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Developing the business strategy for a deforestation data platform


Little Blue Research supported the development of the business strategy for a deforestation data platform, a data driven transparency initiative that is revolutionising our understanding of the trade and financing of commodities driving deforestation. The aim of the strategy is to accelerate the platform’s impact on sustainable trade and supply chains while remaining financially sustainable beyond 2025. Project delivered in collaboration with Positive Momentum.

Client description


International Research Centre







Client need

The client’s team required support to develop their business strategy to 2025, and beyond, and to determine ways to scale up the platform’s proven impact on sustainable trade in agricultural commodities and associated global supply chains.

Needing to examine its options, identifying challenges and opportunities, the client worked with Little Blue Research and Positive Momentum to examine how the platform can evolve and confront the developing landscape of sustainability initiatives including identifying ‘user journeys’ for tools and insights developed by the platform.

Little Blue Research supported Positive Momentum through the provision of market based analysis, stakeholder interviews, insights and the development of different ‘user journeys’ for platform users.

The challenge

Identifying risks and opportunities for the supply chain data initiatives in the market.

Identifying relevant market initiatives and associated commercial opportunities in a fast paced developing market.

Developing pathways for scaling the impact of the platform beyond 2025.

Developing ‘user journeys’ for different sectors and user types currently interacting with the platform.

The results

Provided overviews of the developing market landscape, initiative mapping and competitor analyses.

Identified challenges and opportunities for the client to scale up its impact and conducted high-level risks and opportunities analyses for the development of the platform.

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