Updating a Social Valuation Framework for a Water Company

A consultancy helping a UK water company with its price review process wanted support to update the clients’ approach to social valuation and to ensure that this was aligned with UKWIR’s latest guidance.


• Name: Consultancy supporting a UK based water company
• Size: SME, mid-size water company
• Location: UK

Client need

The consultancy needed support to review and update the end client’s social value framework in relation to the following topics:
Drinking water quality (health-based valuation)
Employee health and safety (health-based valuation)
Traffic and transport disruption (noise and time disruption valuations)
Environmental impacts (protected areas, sites of scientific interest and coast habitat valuation).

The challenge

Understand the social valuation model with only partial documentation

Aligning updates with UKWIR’s latest guidance.

The results

Producing an updated version of the following aspects of the model:
• the health costs associated with changes in drinking water quality and employee health and safety
• the noise and time disruptions associated with traffic and transport disruption during maintenance
• the impact of pollution incidents on protected areas, sites of scientific interest and coast habitats

Producing a summary report documenting all changes.

What happened next

The model is with the end client for use as part of its decision making processes.