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Social value impact assessment of tackling fuel poverty


Little Blue Research helped the clients identify potential impacts of fuel poverty interventions on different stakeholder groups. Little Blue Research designed stakeholder materiality criteria and conducted an assessment.

Client description


SSE and THAW Orkney

SSE 20,500+ employees; THAW Orkney - SME







Client need

SSE plc. and THAW Orkney required technical support to develop a framework for understanding the social value of actions used to address fuel poverty. The framework was designed to help THAW Orkney determine the social value of actions by considering monetary savings, life satisfaction and environmental values, to different stakeholders.

The challenge

Developing prioritisation criteria for specific stakeholders to determine whether the programme was reaching intended recipients.

Identifying process improvements to improve target stakeholder reach.

The results

A pilot impact report focusing on stakeholder identification, impact maps and data gap analysis of interventions to address fuel poverty.


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