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Natural capital scoping assessment


Little Blue Research undertook a scoping assessment to identify material natural capital impacts and propose next steps to improve the consideration of natural capital internally and across KPMG UK's value chain.

Client description



15,000+ employees






Client need

KPMG UK requested technical support to scope a natural capital assessment. This work aimed to determine which natural capital impacts are most material to their operations, specifically focusing on the wider issues of biodiversity and nature. KPMG UK was looking to develop a set of next steps to implement across the company’s value chain in relation to their material impacts.
This project sought to address these needs by:
o Conducting a framework review of existing standards/guidance on natural capital compared to KPMG’s current approaches
o Conducting interviews with internal stakeholders across different process areas in the company to determine material issues relating to natural capital
o Providing a high-level review of supplier spend
o Reviewing internal documents relating to environmental risk, procurement and client acceptance to determine whether natural capital issues were considered
o Developing a set of next steps and recommendations.

The challenge

Identifying natural capital frameworks for review with a focus on the consultancy sector, particularly in the UK.

Identifying material environmental issues/metrics relating to biodiversity and nature highlyrelevant to the company’s direct operations.

The results

A report including the outputs from benchmarking research and the review of business processes including: client engagement, due diligence and procurement.

Recommendations for the long-term development of the consideration of natural capital across the client’s value chain.


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