Impact valuation of shellfish waters for the water industry


Little Blue Research updated a UK water company’s economic model to determine the potential value of establishing new or improved coastal shellfisheries as an input into option appraisal for capex decision making. This project was undertaken in collaboration with an economic consultancy.

Client description


UK based water company







Client need

Little Blue Research were approached by an economics consultancy to provide valuation support to understand the potential environmental and social impacts of pollution events in relation to the shellfish industry. An economic model was developed to value potential impact areas of coastal shellfisheries for a UK water company, in collaboration with the wider consultancy team. The approach included spatial data, catch estimates, ecological data and economic valuation.

The challenge

Linking changes in the quality of marine habitats with changes in shellfish catch.

Updating the economic model to include value of protected areas, ill health due to drinking water contamination and construction work disruption.

The results

An economic model to value the impact of waters designated as 'shellfish coastal waters'.

A methodology detailing the development of the model, all assumptions caveats and how it could be used.


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