Impact Valuation for the North American Events Industry

LBR are currently measuring the environmental impact of trade shows in the USA and Canada for the Sustainable Events Big Initiative Group (SEBIG).


• Name: Confidential industry group
• Size: Number of organisations represented>20
• Location: USA & Canada

Client need

The Industry group wanted support in carrying out a materiality study to address the environmental impacts associated with events and to set out a series of key steps to action immediately and in the longer term. LBR are carrying out this project in five-steps
1. Scoping the assessment
2. Conducting qualitative and quantitative research
3. Conducting a materiality analysis,
4. Building an impact measurement framework and quantifying impact
5. Providing a results report setting out the actions for the industry to take.

The challenge

Obtaining data across the value chain for the trade show sector

Identifying stakeholders and conducting stakeholder engagement with relevant groups across the value chain

Building an impact framework to quantify the environmental impacts of the sector with a focus on material issues.

The results

Stakeholder mappings

Materiality analysis

Interim reports showing outputs from stakeholder interviews, events sector sustainability framework reviews

Draft impact methodology.

What happened next

LBR is working with the client to source more reliable and accurate data for the project and finalising the development of the impact methodology. The information from these tasks will be used to set out potential actions for the industry to take to address its environmental impact.