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Impact valuation for a food and beverage company


Little Blue Research supported the development of an impact based framework, in collaboration with a strategy consultancy. This included developing valuations for environmental and social factors across the entire global value chain.

Client description


Large food and beverage company

200,000+ employees








Client need

Little Blue Research were approached to provide valuation support and experience in the development of impact based frameworks from a business perspective, in collaboration with a strategy consultancy. Little Blue Research helped to develop an impact framework to link the client’s impact with its business actions and different stakeholder groups. In addition, Little Blue Research developed valuations for material environmental and social impacts.

The challenge

Developing the materiality process for the project in relation to social and environmental impact indicators.

Designing an impact mapping process and implementing this across different aspects of the value chain.

The results

Peer review of the initial measurement approach, and stakeholder and impact mapping across the entire value chain.

Input into ongoing development of a company-wide measurement methodology and sustainability strategy.


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