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Developing a social impact assessment: A scoping exercise


Little Blue Research undertook a scoping assessment for a leading food and agriculture business to set out the steps required to undertake a social capital assessment for its cotton supply chain in Africa

Client description


Leading food and agriculture business

80,000+ employees







Client need

The client requested technical support to scope a project identifying possible next steps to better understand their material social impacts of cotton production in Africa. This project provided an opportunity for the client to identify data needed to value the social impact across the product’s value-chain.

The project included detailed impact mapping, research and analysis of the client’s currently available data and additional data needs.

The challenge

Identifying social impacts and dependencies of the cotton supply chain.

Identifying inputs and projects that have a social impact across the supply chain.

The results

Detailed impact mapping for key impact areas of the cotton supply chain.

Social impact data gap analysis summary.


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