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Vanessa Sturman

Stakeholder Engagement and Change Specialist

Vanessa Sturman is a stakeholder engagement and change specialist.  She led projects to transform the Ofgem engages stakeholders, establishing new processes and culture change to make the organisation more effective.  To meet the focus on smaller and harder-to-reach stakeholders, she used her considerable creativity and people skills to develop and execute communication strategies, having an acute awareness of the social and economic contexts of those stakeholders.  Vanessa is specialised in organising and running stakeholder workshops.  She led and facilitated many successful workshops within the energy sector, and with internal colleagues for process and culture change. Vanessa has also worked as a sustainability consultant, gaining a sound base knowledge of environmental issues. She delivered projects for clients including Bulmers Cider and Lincoln Business School, as well as maintaining strong partnerships with WWF-UK and others.

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