Charlotte Selvey Miller

Environmental Researcher

Charlotte Selvey Miller has recently completed her PhD, working alongside PepsiCo to uncover the importance of biodiversity in their supply chains. Working with PepsiCo throughout her PhD, she has helped research the risks of losing biodiversity in the Copella supply chain to help sell the business case for biodiversity within the corporation. Further to the PhD, Charlotte worked on a separate project with PepsiCo, consulting on 3 pillars: carbon, water and biodiversity within their sustainable farming initiative. The initiative was a set of rules for all PepsiCo farmers to adhere by to enable PepsiCo to reduce their negative impacts on the natural environment through farming. Using 3keel's cool farming tool as a benchmark, Charlotte assessed and critiqued it's ability to provide information about carbon, water and biodiversity savings in agricultural supply chains to understand how actions taken by PepsiCo and their farms could impact either or all 3 pillars of the initiative, and practices that would help minimise their ecological footprints.